Yaskawa Corporate Center

Plain City, OH 43064

The Pagura Company developed this 32,000 sq. ft. multi-tenant office building in 2007. The primary tenant is Yaskawa America, Inc. They assemble wiring components for robotics in the automotive industry. Visionary Sign occupies Unit D. They specialize in equipment lettering for fire and emergency vehicles, medical equipment, and The Ohio State University athletic facilities. Unit F is occupied by Humbert Builders whose main business is tenant Interior Finishes. They completed all office interiors for the Yaskawa Corporate Centers and some of our Columbia Gas interiors. Unit F is CDC Medical. They provided medical testing equipment in the region.

Unit E is available which is 2900 sq.ft. with 500 sq ft of finished office. $1950/month. Contact Steve Pagura at 614-207-3436.

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